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Insurance Replacement

We provide a range of services for customers who wish to replace treasured figurines or other collectables and are doing so through an insurance claim following events such as a distressing burglary or unfortunate accident. Whether you are the claimant or a business handling the claim we can tailor our support to meet your needs.

We offer support in the following key areas:

IDENTIFICATION - our extensive knowledge of both current and retired ranges of figurines and other collectables ensures we can quickly identify the majority of ornamental items.

VALUATION - we can provide a fair and realistic value to replace based on a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of secondary market prices (if retired) and can replace currently available items at a price that includes a competitive discount.

SUPPLY & DELIVERY - Treasured collections are built-up over many years, they will include pieces currently available but it is usual for the bulk of the collection to be no longer in production. High street retailers are usually only able to supply items currently in production and have little interest in anything earlier. Our strength is we can supply both current and retired items. We have one of the largest stocks in the UK of retired figurines and have also developed a network of suppliers to call upon. For currently available items we have accounts with the main china producers.

We use prompt, reliable and insured delivery services and in certain circumstances we will personally deliver and unpack the replacement items.

If you are interested in our help with identification and or valuation, we charge a nominal fee. This however will be fully refunded if we supply the replacements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or use our secure check-out to order an insurance valuation.

We have a good deal of experience in the insurance replacement field and have quickly earned a reputation for being prompt, reliable and considerate, at what can often be a particularly difficult time. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received:

“Just a short line to thank you for all your help and kindness during a difficult time.......... A wonderful and personal service. Thank you.”
Replacement of large Royal Crown Derby collection May 2014

"Excellent service. Very polite and, now proven, efficient business. Could not be better pleased. Lady who phoned - perfection!"
Replacement of 2 retired Royal Doulton figurines April 14

"Excellent service."
Replacement of 6 Lilliput Lane Cottages April 2014

"Many thanks for the figurines, our fireplace mantle is looking almost complete again"
2 Royal Doulton figures Jan 2012

"Excellent service/communication throughtout. Thank you so very much."
24 Doulton Winnie the Pooh figures Oct 2011

"Thanks very much for replacing the above items and for your offer of help in the future as it happens I am looking for ......"
31 items mostly Wade Oct 2011

"Very pleased with the figures, (really mint condition) also an excellent, friendly service from yourselves."
5 Beswick & I Royal Doulton Feb 2011

"Thanks for delivery within timescale as promised. All items received in good order and as requested. Excellent service from 1st point of contact"
4 Coalport Snowman pieces Feb 2010

"I am delighted with my replacement figurines. I was thrilled to be able to obtain "Daisy" from the same Collection, as I had damaged her many years ago. Many many thanks for your excellent service."
3 Royal Worcester Figurines Feb 2010

"Thank you for not giving up brought back lots of memories."
Jan 2010 2 Royal Worcester figures

"I was impressed with the whole service received. I was so happy that a replacement could be found."
1 Beswick Racehorse Jan 2010

"We are pleased that you were able to replace our stolen figures. Thank you for your kind services."
Replacement of 5 Doulton figures Dec 09

"The Royal Doulton Figurines and Crown Derby Plates are fine. Thank you so much for your help and kindness, it is much appreciated."
Dec 09 3 Doulton figurines and 2 Crown Derby plates

"Many thanks for all your help - "You're a Star"
Replacment of 8 Figurines Dec 09

"A wonderful service I could not fault it at all. (And my son thinks so as well!)"
1 Doulton figurine & 1 Worcester figurine Oct 2009

"Thank you, you have been superb"
Replacement of 3 Royal Doulton and 1 Coalport figurine May 09

"You will never understand how much this means to me thank you, thank you. God bless."
Replacement of 1 Royal Worcester figurine Apr 09

"I can't thank you enough for the help and guidance you have given in coming to a satisfactory conclusion. Elizabeth is such a lovely replacement I was delighted when I opened the box. Thank you once again."
Replacement of 1 Royal Doulton figurine Apr 09

"Very happy and impressed at the quick and efficient way you have dealt with this. In appreciation. Many thanks."
Replacement of 1 Doulton character. Mar 09

"Thats absolutely fantastic, my son broke mine yesterday and I was devastated as it was 21 years old and was a wedding present from a group of friends. I am so glad that I found your site and am able to replace it. Many many thanks and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you also for the brilliant service."
Mar 09 Replacement of 1 Doulton figurine

"Thank you very much, very well packed and very quick delivery, can't believe you found her, she is one of my favourites. Thank you again."
Replacement of 1 Doulton Lady. Feb 09

"An excellent service, very professional, very quick response, very helpful staff and very well packed. Arrived promptly following phone call in excellent condition. Thank you very much."
Replacement of one Doulton character. Feb 09

"Thank you for your very informative letter and photographs. Also I do appreciate your quick response. I am now confident with the valuation for my damaged figurine."
Valuation of one Doulton lady Jan 09

“I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service you provide. I now have my entire collection of ladies back where they belong. You have turned my house back into my home.”
Replacement of 11 Coalport figurines all retired. Jan 08

“Many thanks for effort finding ………. all perfect condition VERY, VERY pleased.”
Replacement of 2 pieces of retired Beswick and 1 retired Royal Doulton figurine. Dec 07

“Very happy. You could not improve on what you do. I never thought I’d see my boys again. You’ve made me very happy.”
Replacement of 6 retired Doulton Characters. Nov 07

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