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5 Products Royal Doulton Currently Offer Other Than Figurines

Monday, March 25, 2013 at 10:00AM
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A raised stone version of the Roman numeral 'V'

At The Doulton Lady, we specialise in discontinued Royal Doulton figurines.

From the considerable number of stunning ladies that have been produced over the years to the pure white bone china figures, our focus is purely on the figurines produced by the company.

However, although these are arguably the most popular items and the ones Royal Doulton are known best for, they've always created a number of other products over the years (including sewage pipes!) and the following five give you an insight into those able to be purchased from the company today.

1.  Dining Ware

From 16-piece beautifully white dining sets, rendered in porcelain and having a clear glaze through to stunning plates designed in collaboration with Karolin Schnoor, a famed London  designer, you can instantly bring a touch of beauty - and class - to your home with the vast array of dining ware options Royal Doulton have available.

And one of the best things about it all?  Looking on their website at the time of writing this, they have various items available for well under £10.

2.  Vases

We all like to receive flowers and the right arrangement can completely change the look of a room - but so can the right vase.

Having a selection available to suit all tastes, Royal Doulton's current range of vases combine classic and contemporary fantastically, with ornate designs carved into beautiful glass bases.

3.  Bowls

Following in very much the same footsteps as the vases mentioned above, the selection of bowls available at present won't look out of place in any home, no matter what your tastes or decor are.

Eye-catching and modern but with a clear nod towards traditional designs, it really isn't any wonder why these bowls are such popular items.

4.  Glassware

From champagne flutes through to decanters, Royal Doulton - as they do with everything - have put their all into the production of their glassware range.

Having something for everyone, some of our favourite items are the toasting flutes, which have Swarovski crystals hand applied to them for a particularly unique touch.

5.  Special Occasion Gifts

Looking for something for your partner?  What about for a newborn baby?  Or perhaps something for a work colleague?

Whilst all of Royal Doulton's products obviously make for fantastic presents, they have a number of products created for use as gifts for special occasions - and this means you'll be able to find something perfect for any event, whether it's a wedding or a birth.

Our focus at The Doulton Lady has always been on the figurines that Royal Doulton provide, but being such an experienced brand, it's no surprise to hear that the company have branches in various other business areas, with these five some of the most notable.

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