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The Importance Of Getting Your Royal Doulton Figurine Valued

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 02:00PM
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The Royal Doulton 'Bunny' child figurine

Last week, we received a comment on our blog post '7 Interesting Facts About Royal Doulton', which came from a lady who was looking to find out the valuation of a Royal Doulton figure she had.

Happy to answer the question and provide an idea of how much the figurine was worth based on the information we had, we actually receive a lot of e-mails asking similar questions regularly.

And as you may have seen, we also offer a full range of services to assist with any insurance claim, including providing a valuation of the figurine in question for replacement purposes.

Now we know that plenty of owners of figurines take the time to get valuations for various different reasons.  Sometimes it's just for their own knowledge and other times its for insurance purposes.  Whichever it is, however, it's always good information to have to hand.

There are many more, however, who don't have any idea how much their figurine is worth. Perhaps they received it as a gift or maybe it has been handed down through the generations.  They may have even picked it up at a second-hand market and bought it because they liked how it looked and not for any other factor.

Whilst there's no obligation to get your figurines valued, it is advisable to do so so at the very least you have an idea of what they're worth, for various reasons.

For example, when we know how much something costs, we treat it in a certain way.  If it's an expensive ornament, we may put it in a display cabinet rather than having it on the hearth of a fireplace, in case it accidentally gets knocked off.

If it's a valuable piece of jewellery we may only wear it on special occasions, for fear of losing it.  Even if it's something like a designer handbag, as much as we might want to wear it regularly and show it off every day, we often refrain from doing so, in case it becomes damaged and we can't wear it at all.

If we don't know how much something costs, even if we have an idea it may be valuable, we're not usually as careful with it.  An ornament may be placed in the most prominent area in the house, even if it's at risk of being knocked off and jewellery may be worn constantly and during everyday tasks, no matter how ruined it may become.

We're not saying that if we find out something's expensive, we treat it with the utmost care and attention, but we generally look after it a little more.

Now imagine you had a Royal Doulton lady that got knocked over by your children playing and it was only afterwards you discovered it was worth several hundred pounds - there's a good chance you'd have made an effort to at least put it out of the way whilst the children were growing up!

Getting a valuation for your Royal Doulton figurine can be quick, easy and extremely beneficial - and the truth is, you may just be surprised at how valuable your figurine actually is.

You may not decide to do anything different with your figurine when you know how much it costs, but it's always good to have the information to hand so you can decide what - if anything - you are going to do moving forward.

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