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Images White And Black: Striking and Emotional Royal Doulton Figurines

Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 02:00PM
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The 'Lovers' piece from Images Black

At the Doulton Lady, we're best known for our range of Royal Doulton Lady figurines. And in the minds of most of the public, Royal Doulton is the Ladies collection.

That's not surprising - as the Ladies are incredibly attractive and detailed figures. They're colourful, diverse and are backed with a rich history.

But the Royal Doulton actually produced and continues to produce a wide range of different collections, which we have in stock, and we think some of these series definitely deserve showcasing too!

Take a look through our site and you'll see among the many collections we have on offer are Images Black and Images White.

These are in stark contrast to the detailed and lovingly painted Ladies, as the design of these figures is actually very simple indeed.

Because they're so stark, they are better viewed not as characters or depictions of people - but representations of emotions and other more abstract concepts.

So what these Royal Doulton pieces are going for is something slightly different from more intricately detailed figures, but they will look no less attractive and eye-catching on your mantlepiece, sideboard or in a cabinet in your sitting room.

Images Black and White are ranges which have their own look, feel and general aesthetic. Figures from the Images White series are generally quite sentimental or inspirational, depicting couplings and situations.

Examples of figurines from this range that we have in stock now include Lovers, Gift of Friendship and Thankful.

Because of their sentimental appearance and wide appeal, we actually believe pieces from the Images White range make fantastic gifts for someone special in your life, who will appreciate the minimalist yet strong appearance.

Images Black on the other hand contains pieces that tend to depict emotions through evocative and striking poses. Tranquility and Awakening, sculpted from basalt, have thepotential to make a real impact in any environment where they're displayed.

Some of the same statues are available in both ranges, so if we happen not to have the one you were looking for in stock right now, feel free to look for it in another colour - or let us know that you'd like it and we'll do what we can to source one for you as soon as possible.

We're definitely proud of our Doulton Ladies, but we actually have a wide selection of figurines on offer, so take a browse and see what else we have in stock!

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