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Is There A Royal Doulton Figurine To Suit All Tastes?

Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 02:00PM
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One of the things we think is so great about Royal Doulton figurines is the sheer range of them available. Whether sentimental, touching or nostalgic, each type of figurine is different and has its own kind of character.

And it's because of the sheer number of different figurines available that it's natural to wonder if there really is one for everyone.

People can have very diverse tastes, and some people would say they have no interest in figurines at all. But with a little digging around, seeing exactly what is out there, it's probably possible to find something that even the most fickle person would enjoy.

This is good news for those people looking for a new ornament to put on their shelf, to brighten up their living room, dining room, or wherever.

But it's also really good news for anyone looking for the perfect gift for their friends or loved ones. Figurines make perfect presents, and receiving a beautiful Royal Doulton figurine could mark the start of a new hobby or interest on their part.

Just as many people don't necessarily realise they wanted something until it is provided for them, it may take receiving one of these beautiful pieces for some to see how rewarding collecting and displaying them can be.

That the figurines have such wide appeal is particularly noteworthy when you consider that unlike many consumer goods, the Royal Doulton Company did not produce figurines with broad commercial appeal in the forefront of their minds.

Though they can be, and are, enjoyed by people of all ages, over the years and from all walks of life, it's not as if each piece was designed with the intention that they be easy to sell to a particularly wide audience.

Rather, each one was treated as art, there was not mass production on the scale that one might expect, and each one was a little different - in other words, true collectors items.

Such goods don't normally become as popular and well recognised as have Royal Doulton figurines - it's remarkable that despite being high-quality artistic goods, they can still appeal to anyone.

Whether it's the Ladies or Historical figures collections, or the classic Images of Nature, once you start looking you feel like you have to see them all. So for a good idea of what each figurine has to offer different types of person, there's no better way to find this out than to look through the extensive back catalogue of pieces and decide for yourself!

Why Do People Love Collecting Royal Doulton Figurines?

Friday, January 10, 2014 at 10:00AM
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'Joanne' from our Doulton Ladies collection

Over the years, Royal Doulton figurines have become known as one of the most enduringly popular items to collect. While all kinds of collectibles are popular for a few months or years and then disappear (anyone remember beanie babies?) - genuine Royal Doulton figurines have been sought after throughout their lifetime.

But what is it about these particular figurines that gives them such longevity?

Of course, the exact reasons differ from person to person - every collector has different reasons for their Royal Doulton obsession. But we think there are a few big reasons that many collectors would give if you were to ask them.

So we've brought together some of the top reasons to collect, so perhaps you if you know someone who accumulates these figurines you can possibly gain a bit of an insight into their hobby. And if you were wondering about Royal Doulton and were thinking of beginning to build up your own collection - well, maybe this writeup will give you the inspiration you need to develop a new interest!

For the first reason, you only need to take a look at the figurines themselves. Every single one has massive ornamental appeal, displaying as they do incredible craftsmanship, taste and style. Particularly when you look at the Ladies or historical figures, you can really appreciate the heritage and history of the brand.

Take for instance the gorgeous and multi-layered dresses of the Ladies, evoking a type of fashion that seems to have disappeared from the modern world.

Or the characters and historical figures series featuring professions that seem to have more or less disappeared, such as blacksmith, newspaper boy and chimney sweep.

Few of us are actually old enough to recall some of the styles depicted in the historical range, but all the same we get a feeling similar to nostalgia when we get a glimpse of the times, before sagging jeans and onesies, when people really knew how to dress to impress!

Aside from the ornamental value, Royal Doulton figurines definitely make great conversation pieces - whether on display in your living room, dining room, kitchen or elsewhere, they're of a visibly high quality such that they're sure to get a discussion going!

Not to mention they are only set to increase in value - while this may or may not not be the main reason you decide to start collecting, it's definitely a nice bonus for if you or your next of kin should decide to relieve your collection further down the line. You can think of your Royal Doulton collection as a nest egg on a par with jewellery or artwork.

We're sure you can think of many other reasons to collect - maybe you have some more yourself - so why not let us know in the comments if we missed anything?

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