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Taking A Look At The 5 Figurine Ranges We Offer From Coalport

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 02:00PM
Tags: Age Of Elegance, Beau Monde, Coalport, Debutantes, Ladies Of Fashion
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The Blenheim Park lady figurine from Coalport

We've developed a great reputation over the years as a provider of Royal Doulton figurines.

Loving their beauty and enjoying their majestic style, we do as much as possible to offer a range of Royal Doulton figurines to suit everyone's personal preferences and requirements.

However, as much as we adore the Royal Doulton figurines we provide, they're not the only ones on offer and one of the other leading brands we provide figurines from is Coalport.

With a number of stunning figurines available, we've divided those that we provide into five separate ranges.

1.  Age Of Elegance

One of the retired collections from Coalport that we offer, the porcelain figurines within this range are all of ladies in a variety of outfits for various different occasions.

Created in soft, subtle colours with a matt finish, the detail is unbelievable, whether you're looking at Afternoon Matinee or Summer Saunter.

2.  Ladies Of Fashion

One of Coalport's most popular collections, you'll find a range of ladies dressed in stunningly beautiful gowns here.

Having names that perfectly match the elegance of the figurines, they all follow the same high standards from Coalport, but are each completely individual and utterly unique.

3.  Beau Monde

A petite range of figurines, this retired Coalport collection is full of beautiful ladies, many of who are dressed in compellingly romantic outfits.

Finished in matt, a lot of these figurines first became available nearly two decades ago, yet they continue to be immensely popular to this day.

4.  Debutantes

The word debutante comes from the French débutante and generally refers to an aristocratic young lady who, upon reaching the age of maturity, is formally introduced into society as a lady ready for marriage.

With the débutante often attending a prestigious event, this range of petite figurines from Coalport does wonders to replicate the beauty of the ladies.

5.  Other

Bringing together a collection of Coalport's figurines from various other ranges, this group includes a number of limited edition and highly sought after pieces.

Diana, Princess Of Wales - The Signature Edition is a prime example.  With only 5,000 produced in the UK, the figurine is simply breathtaking, capturing the beauty of a lady so many consider to be one of the world's most stunning royal brides.

Providing a whole range of different figurines from various 'English Potteries', there's little doubt that some of our favourite pieces come from Royal Doulton, but there are just as many who come from other companies, with plenty of these from Coalport being a perfect example.

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