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3 Reasons You Need To Insure Your Royal Doulton Figurines

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 10:00AM
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The 'With Love' Sentiments Royal Doulton figurine

Insurance is one of those topics that people either embrace or shy away from when it comes to discussing it in-depth.

Although it generally means you're planning for the worst case scenario and as such have to think about things you don't want to, the truth is insurance is one of life's necessities - and when it comes to Royal Doulton figurines, that's undoubtedly the case.

Whilst you may not have thought about it, if you have any number of Royal Doulton figurines, be it one or one hundred, you really should consider taking out an insurance policy to cover them, with these three points some of the key reasons why.

1.  You never know what's going to happen

No matter how careful you are with your figurines, you can never protect them to such an extent where you feel confident they're not going to get damaged.

You put them on a high shelf and there's the chance they'll get knocked off when you reach up to bring them down to clean.  You keep them on a fireplace's hearth, low to the floor and there's every possibility a pet or baby will accidentally knock them over.

Even if you stored them away safely in boxes and placed them in a garage, basement or attic, you couldn't guarantee they wouldn't suffer from damage due to a storm, for example.

Having insurance won't guarantee your Royal Doulton figurines stay in perfect condition, but it will mean that should the worst happen, you'll be able to get them repaired or replaced without any major financial outlay from yourself.

2.  You want to enjoy your figurines

The reason we all buy Royal Doulton figurines is because we love the way they look and most of us want to show them off to our friends and family.

We could of course keep them in a room where only we could see them, locked away to prevent any accidents happening, but what's the point in this?

Sure, we could say we have a great collection of figurines, but if we can't show them off, we know it would seem like somewhat of a pointless exercise to many.

3.  You want to have something to pass down to your family

Generally speaking, Royal Doulton figurines increase in value over time.  Or, at the very least, they hold the value at which they were purchased.

It's because of this why they can make great items to hold onto, so to pass down through the family as time passes.

You could very easily pay thousands of pounds over the course of a lifetime for Royal Doulton figurines and it would therefore be particularly welcomed if they were passed on, even if they were simply to be sold.

But if your collection is damaged and you have no insurance, you've not only essentially lost the money you've invested, but you have no items to hand down through your family.

We all love our Royal Doulton figurines and the truth is, no matter how much you're for or against insurance, a policy that covers you in the event of the worst happening can make owning your figurines all that more enjoyable.

You've Damaged One Of Your Royal Doulton Figurines - Now What Do You Do?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 02:00PM
Tags: damaged figurines, insurance replacement, Royal Doulton, Royal Doulton repairs
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Royal Doulton's Fragrance miniature figurine

Whenever we're talking about looking after Royal Doulton figurines, we always make sure we highlight the importance of being careful in every sense.

It might sound like an obvious point, but we know that most people are careful in one respect, but not in others and when you aren't careful all round, you risk damage being caused to your figurine.

However, we can't prevent accidents from happening.  It doesn't matter how careful we are and how much we try to protect our figurines, there's always a chance they're going to get damaged or broken.

So when this happens, what should you do?

Ultimately, it depends on the extent of the damage caused as to which path you take, but each have their separate points to note.

For example, let's imagine you were taking a figurine out of a cabinet and chipped it on the corner of the shelf.  It's not a noticeable chip in the sense that it's immediately obvious, but you know it's there and the truth is it could be worse than it looks (it may have weakened the surrounding area, for example).

In these instances, it's highly likely that a quality China restorer would be able to repair the figurine to its original state, reconstructing the damaged area, matching the colour(s) and finishing with a suitable glaze, giving it the appearance it was never chipped.

If a figurine is damaged in a way that is obviously beyond repair (and we mean as in it has been smashed into hundreds of pieces and several have got lost, such as by falling down a drain), then generally speaking it's time to look for a replacement.

It's not what you're likely to want to hear and although China restorers really can work wonders on damaged figurines, there are some projects that are just impossible.

The good news is, if you have a home insurance policy with accidental contents cover, you're likely to be fully covered for any irreparable damage to your figurines.

And what's even better, at The Doulton Lady - as we've discussed previously - we offer a full insurance replacement service, ensuring you get a true and accurate valuation of your figurine.

Furthermore, we stock a huge range of discontinued figurines, meaning it's highly likely you'll be able to get a direct replacement of the one that was damaged - and if not, we'll do our utmost to source one for you.

As devastating as damaging a Royal Doulton figurine can be, it doesn't have to be the end of the world and you simply have to know what's possible depending on the extent of the damage caused to ensure you aren't missing a figurine from your collection for too long.

Claiming On Your Insurance For A Lost Royal Doulton Figurine? We Can Help!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:00AM
Tags: identification, insurance replacement, new figurines, retired figurines, Royal Doulton, valuation
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Royal Doulton Grace Figurine

To some people, a porcelain item is just that - an item.  Whether it's Royal Doulton or not, they have it in their home because they like it, but it holds no sentimental or emotional value for them.

For many others (us included!), figurines from the English Potteries are particularly important.  They may simply be something we've bought to add to our collection or they could be of significant importance to us - perhaps a family member gave it as a gift for a birthday.

Cherishing them as much as we possibly can, when they go missing or are accidentally damaged, it can be a distressing time.  Claiming on your insurance is obviously the most obvious way to retrieve at least something back, but we know that it can be a difficult and long-drawn out process.

And it's because of this why at The Doulton Lady, we do as much as we can to ensure your insurance claim is resolved in the quickest and most efficient way possible, with our involvement revolving around three separate points.


If there's one thing we know a lot about, it's figurines.  Having a vast knowledge of both current and retired figurines from an array of manufacturers, we are confident that we can identify any figurines - and many other collectables - extremely quickly.


One of the most important aspects of any insurance claim is getting a fair and accurate valuation of the product that has been lost or damaged.

Due to our knowledge of both new and secondary markets, you can rest assured that not only will you get the right valuation for your figurine, but that we can also swiftly replace currently available items - often at a respectably discounted price.

Supply And Delivery

One of our primary strengths when it comes to assisting with insurance claims is that unlike many High Street retailers, we are able to supply both new and retired figurines - we know that collections are often built up over many years and so when they need replacing, they'll very often contain a number of figurines that have been out of production for years.

Not only are we one of the largest stockists of retired figurines in the UK, but we have direct links with the main manufacturers in China, ensuring you can be certain that whatever your figurine replacement requirements are, we can assist with them perfectly.

Always happy to help our customers in whatever way we can, our insurance replacement services are an ideal example of what we do to ensure our customer satisfaction level remains consistently high.

To find out more about how we can help with an insurance claim for your collectable item, whether that's a Royal Doulton figurine or not, contact us.

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