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Royal Doulton Figurines - The Perfect Christmas Presents

Monday, December 2, 2013 at 02:00PM
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'Father Christmas' figurine from our Characters and Historical Figures collection

We reckon Royal Doulton figurines make a fine addition to anyone's home, whether they're a collector or not.

That means that, although a whole collection of figures out for viewing makes a fantastic eye-catching display, a simpler setup of just one or two also really adds a touch of class to the sitting room.

And that's why, at a time of year when almost everyone is thinking about what to buy their loved ones for Christmas, you should be considering Royal Doulton figurines as an ideal present.

One of the great things about figurines is the utter diversity of the selection available. There's one for almost everyone - despite whatever ideas you might have about the market for collectible figurines, people young and old, male and female, can derive enjoyment from having a few in their home.

Plus, if you're a collector yourself, giving somebody their first figurine could be a really valuable opportunity to share your hobby with them and perhaps open a way for them to become enthusiasts themselves!

There might be one for everyone, but clearly not every figure will be right for every person. The question of which one is ideal for your friends, relatives or whoever is obviously one that depends very much on who they are as a person.

Are they sentimental or practical? Nostalgic for the past, or living in the moment? Are they more likely to notice and enjoy fine details, as with the world-famous Ladies collection - or more appreciative of broader strokes as seen in the Images White and Black ranges?

Whoever it is you're shopping for, you're sure to find something they, and visitors to they home, will really enjoy.

The process of selecting a figurine requires you to know a person really well - with so many different kinds of figure available, it can be tricky to look through them all to find the right one.

So when your family and friends unwrap their new ornaments, they will recognise the work that has gone in to choosing it just for them, and re-affirm the strength of your bond.

That's what giving and receiving presents is about, after all - not necessarily getting things you really need, but that show somebody how much you care.

And finally, if you're looking for a gift when it's not Christmas, take a look at our 'Gifts For Every Occasion' section - for christenings, births or just because, you're sure to find something that suits.

Images White And Black: Striking and Emotional Royal Doulton Figurines

Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 02:00PM
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The 'Lovers' piece from Images Black

At the Doulton Lady, we're best known for our range of Royal Doulton Lady figurines. And in the minds of most of the public, Royal Doulton is the Ladies collection.

That's not surprising - as the Ladies are incredibly attractive and detailed figures. They're colourful, diverse and are backed with a rich history.

But the Royal Doulton actually produced and continues to produce a wide range of different collections, which we have in stock, and we think some of these series definitely deserve showcasing too!

Take a look through our site and you'll see among the many collections we have on offer are Images Black and Images White.

These are in stark contrast to the detailed and lovingly painted Ladies, as the design of these figures is actually very simple indeed.

Because they're so stark, they are better viewed not as characters or depictions of people - but representations of emotions and other more abstract concepts.

So what these Royal Doulton pieces are going for is something slightly different from more intricately detailed figures, but they will look no less attractive and eye-catching on your mantlepiece, sideboard or in a cabinet in your sitting room.

Images Black and White are ranges which have their own look, feel and general aesthetic. Figures from the Images White series are generally quite sentimental or inspirational, depicting couplings and situations.

Examples of figurines from this range that we have in stock now include Lovers, Gift of Friendship and Thankful.

Because of their sentimental appearance and wide appeal, we actually believe pieces from the Images White range make fantastic gifts for someone special in your life, who will appreciate the minimalist yet strong appearance.

Images Black on the other hand contains pieces that tend to depict emotions through evocative and striking poses. Tranquility and Awakening, sculpted from basalt, have thepotential to make a real impact in any environment where they're displayed.

Some of the same statues are available in both ranges, so if we happen not to have the one you were looking for in stock right now, feel free to look for it in another colour - or let us know that you'd like it and we'll do what we can to source one for you as soon as possible.

We're definitely proud of our Doulton Ladies, but we actually have a wide selection of figurines on offer, so take a browse and see what else we have in stock!

How Can You Date Your Royal Doulton Figurine?

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 02:00PM
Tags: collectible, figurine, gifts, Royal Doulton, Royal Doulton figurines, valuation
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A figure in a flowing dress known as Wisdom, available through the Doulton Lady

Unlike some other suppliers, The Doulton Lady provides genuine 19th- and 20th-century figures whose appeal and beauty have stood the test of time.

The value of a Royal Doulton figurine depends partly on its age, but on other factors too such as its condition and designer. A valuer will be able to tell you just how much a piece is worth, but there are some questions you can answer yourself just by looking.

Know however that this is not an exact science - the system used changed considerably over the years and some records detailing what certain letter and number combinations might have meant have been lost.

Under the right circumstances however, you can determine a lot about the figure such as its age and designer or painter.

The main giveaway is the stamp, which can vary very much between individual figures, so you need a little more information to understand what it's telling you.

The stamp in fact does tell you more than just the age, as many of them are signed with the initials of the painter. And since the design of the stamp itself changed over time, even just knowing the format can allow you to place the piece within a certain date range.

You can find the stamp on the base of the figure. Firstly, you'll probably see a pair of initials. This identifies the painter of the figure. Harry Nixon (HN) was a prolific figure painter and the first to use his initials in the stamp. That practice started in 1912.

From 1872 until that point, a simple 'Royal Doulton' stamp was used, with no other specific characteristics on the mark. So don't be disappointed if there are no initials - it doesn't mean you've got a fake, but is in fact a pretty good indication that your figure was one of the first made.

If you have one of the more detailed stamps, you may see a number alongside the initials. That number indicates the number of years following 1927 that that figurine was produced. Simply add the number to 1927 to determine the year of manufacture.

This practice seems to have stopped around the 1950s however, and while a dating system continues to have been used, it is not simple to interpret. The number would not simply state the month or the year in the usual format.

While the date tends to be that that the mould was produced, and not when the figure itself was made, moulds wore out quickly, and so this is actually a good indicator of the age of the piece.

So as you can see, there is some guesswork and estimation involved - we don't have the space to go into detail about what all the cryptic marks could possibly mean. Your best bet is to have your figure professionally valued - they will hopefully tell you not just the date but the price you could ask if you were to sell your figure based on other factors too.

Down Memory Lane: A Look At Our Historical Figures

Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 10:00AM
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At Royal Doulton, we are without a doubt best known for our stunning ladies figurines. It's been a few months since we took the opportunity to showcase on our blog some of the other gorgeous products we have for sale. In this post, we want to tell you about our historical figurines - a large selection of statuettes depicting real people and professions from days gone by.

These figurines have real nostalgia value, as many of them depict people in professions that don't exist any more. Others portray jobs that have continued, but with different uniforms, equipment and so on.

Take the example of the fireman, who we see in a brass helmet, dark tunic and leather boots and belt, kneeling on a cobbled surface. While a regulation fire-retardant high-vis jackets with a bright yellow plastic helmet might be a safer outfit for the firefighters of today, there's a certain romanticism about the older version.

And with figurines in guises that hardly exist any more, such as schoolmarm, tinsmith, gamekeeper or coachman, we may feel nostalgia for a time we've experienced only through old story books and film.

While part of the attraction of our historical figurines is no doubt fond remembrance for a time when we might believe people perhaps had more respect for their work and for each other, or whatever the reason may be - it's hard to deny the styles of things such as clothing, hair and equipment has an inherent charm that goes beyond a 'rose-tinted' view of the past.

After all, do we really think that a hundred years from now, people will collect figurines of police officers in bright green jackets with a Tazer on their belt, as we so often see law enforcement wearing today?

As well as various professionals, a great number of our figurines also depict great historical figures, including Sir Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell and several British monarchs, as well as more contemporary figures such as Pope John Paul II.

Figurines that bring up a little piece of history make a great talking piece when they take pride of place in your home, maybe on a mantelpiece or in a glass-fronted cabinet.

These pieces also make fantastic gifts - why not give a teacher or veterinarian who's special to you a glimpse of what their work attire might have looked like a century ago?

You'll probably be surprised at the size of our catalogue - we have over 240 historical figures, and that's only one line of products. Take a look too at our storybook characters, and collections of animals of all kinds. There's more to The Doulton Lady than the name suggests - what's your favourite range?

Looking For A Royal Doulton Gift? We've Got Them For Every Occasion!

Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 10:00AM
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The Mother And Baby Royal Doulton gift figurine

When we talk to people who own any number of Royal Doulton figurines, we generally find that their collection has been amassed by them buying the items themselves.

Chances are they'll have received the occasional figurine as a gift for a their birthday or Christmas, but the majority of their collection will have come from their own purchases.

Although this is undoubtedly fantastic - you can guarantee you're always going to get something you love and truly want - it does sometimes make us wonder just how many people are missing out on the wonders of Royal Doulton.

With figurines having been produced for decades, they fill the mantlepieces and cabinets of homes right around the world, but many owners are collectors or avid fans.

However, what about those people who you know would love something from the company, but don't end up buying anything for themselves?

Well from our point of view, this is where our range of gifts for every occasion comes into play!

If you head over to our dedicated gifts page, you'll see a number of fantastic products for a whole variety of different events.

From a particularly general 'congratulations' figurine through to a much more specific 'I Love London' item, the products we have available all come from Royal Doulton and do a fantastic job of showing just how high of a quality their items are.

And as such, they can make for the perfect pathway into becoming one of the many Royal Doulton 'addicts'!

There's something wonderful about Royal Doulton figurines that you don't really appreciate until you own them yourself.  However, if you're not even remotely a fan to begin with, it isn't until you receive a figurine as a gift that your appreciation can begin.

They're high quality, you can see the attention to detail shining through in every respect and they do nothing but look stunning wherever you place them in your house.

Plus, with every figurine telling a story, you can almost become encompassed by them as soon as you look at them - this may sound a little strange for people who don't own them, but we're sure everyone who does will know exactly what we're talking about!

Therefore, if you know someone who you believe would love Royal Doulton, why not think about getting them one of the many gifts that are available?  With there being something for every occasion, we're sure they'll not only appreciate the gift in general, but will come to fall in love with the wonderful figurines that the company produce.

5 Products Royal Doulton Currently Offer Other Than Figurines

Monday, March 25, 2013 at 10:00AM
Tags: birth gifts, bowls, dining ware, gifts, glassware, Royal Doulton, special occasion gifts, vases, wedding gifts
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A raised stone version of the Roman numeral 'V'

At The Doulton Lady, we specialise in discontinued Royal Doulton figurines.

From the considerable number of stunning ladies that have been produced over the years to the pure white bone china figures, our focus is purely on the figurines produced by the company.

However, although these are arguably the most popular items and the ones Royal Doulton are known best for, they've always created a number of other products over the years (including sewage pipes!) and the following five give you an insight into those able to be purchased from the company today.

1.  Dining Ware

From 16-piece beautifully white dining sets, rendered in porcelain and having a clear glaze through to stunning plates designed in collaboration with Karolin Schnoor, a famed London  designer, you can instantly bring a touch of beauty - and class - to your home with the vast array of dining ware options Royal Doulton have available.

And one of the best things about it all?  Looking on their website at the time of writing this, they have various items available for well under £10.

2.  Vases

We all like to receive flowers and the right arrangement can completely change the look of a room - but so can the right vase.

Having a selection available to suit all tastes, Royal Doulton's current range of vases combine classic and contemporary fantastically, with ornate designs carved into beautiful glass bases.

3.  Bowls

Following in very much the same footsteps as the vases mentioned above, the selection of bowls available at present won't look out of place in any home, no matter what your tastes or decor are.

Eye-catching and modern but with a clear nod towards traditional designs, it really isn't any wonder why these bowls are such popular items.

4.  Glassware

From champagne flutes through to decanters, Royal Doulton - as they do with everything - have put their all into the production of their glassware range.

Having something for everyone, some of our favourite items are the toasting flutes, which have Swarovski crystals hand applied to them for a particularly unique touch.

5.  Special Occasion Gifts

Looking for something for your partner?  What about for a newborn baby?  Or perhaps something for a work colleague?

Whilst all of Royal Doulton's products obviously make for fantastic presents, they have a number of products created for use as gifts for special occasions - and this means you'll be able to find something perfect for any event, whether it's a wedding or a birth.

Our focus at The Doulton Lady has always been on the figurines that Royal Doulton provide, but being such an experienced brand, it's no surprise to hear that the company have branches in various other business areas, with these five some of the most notable.

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