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Royal Doulton Figurines: An Enduringly Popular British Product

Friday, January 24, 2014 at 10:00AM
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Union Flag

In the world of British design, few names are as well-respected and valued as Doulton. And one of the things that makes the brand somewhat exceptional is that the figurines, which are no longer being produced, have remained highly sought after ever since their introduction.

Royal Doulton as a brand goes back nearly two hundred years - in fact, the bicentennial will be next year - and that period of time has seen major upheavals in virtually every aspect of British life.

The world of today would be unrecognisable to an observer from the early 19th century. With so many distractions and forms of entertainment, people in this day and age don't tend to place as much value on ornaments as perhaps they used to, and yet Royal Doulton figurines remain very popular.

With the rise of e-commerce and online communities, the number of figurines being sold and bought by enthusiasts remains high, but there must be a reason for this beyond the ease of finding like-minded individuals who can help build a person's own collection.

Everyone has their own reason for collecting, as we discussed in our last post - but we reckon there are reasons why the Royal Doulton brand of figurines has remained so popular throughout its lifetime, into more modern times, and why we can expect it to remain so sought after for some years to come.

When you own a Royal Doulton figurine, you hold in your hand a classic piece of British design; really a potent reminder of a time gone by.

It's not just that the dolls from collections such as Ladies or Characters look nice, though they certainly do that as well. It's that they evoke a time period about which we feel nostalgic, even if we haven't actually experienced that period first hand.

Like many examples of classic English or British products - vintage cars from this country being other examples - the design and craftsmanship are second to none.

Plus, these commodities continue to appreciate in value. There might be a relatively minor number of collectors who indulge their hobby purely for the future financial reward, but of course it is always reassuring to know they will make a nice nest egg.

So there you have it - a hobby that not only reflects the great heritage of this country and its industry, but is valued internationally as well. It's no wonder these figurines have endured.

Do You Need To Know The Value Of Your Royal Doulton Figurines?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 10:00AM
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The Mary Jane Royal Doulton lady figurine

Over the past couple of weeks, we've talked about a few different topics related to the value of your Royal Doulton figurines - back in early April we talked about the importance of getting your figurines valued, whilst earlier in May we discussed whether Royal Doulton figurines make good investments.

Today, we want to talk once again about Royal Doulton figurines and their value, but in a way that some may not have thought about previously - and we want to raise a few questions as to whether it's actually beneficial knowing how much your figurines are worth.

In some ways, this contradicts what we said in our post from April, where we talked about why it's important to get them valued.

However, after we received a few comments recently about certain items and asking for our advice on valuing them, we began to question whether such information is actually useful to have.

If we were to speak generally, we'd say that everyone should get their figurines valued, for the reasons we listed previously.  But it's always interesting to look at topics in different ways and we believe there could be some instances where knowing the valuation of a figurine, whilst not detrimental, could not be worthwhile.

For example, let's imagine one of your older relatives had a collection of Royal Doulton ladies they'd amassed over the years.  They'd never been valued and they were all on show, taking pride of place in the living room.  It's unlikely these figurines are ever going to be sold and they're simply going to be handed down through the family once the relative passes away.

Now getting the figurines valued would obviously mean they could be accurately insured (they'll no doubt be covered on the home insurance policy, but they may be under / over insured), but there's also the likelihood that should they find out the figurines were worth more than they thought, they would box them all away for fear of them being damaged.

But what benefit would this have?  The relative adores the figurines and loves looking at them on a daily basis - hiding them away would greatly reduce the satisfaction they got from them, simply because they've been turned into objects of value, rather than enjoyment.

We're in no way saying you shouldn't get your Royal Doulton figurines valued, but we do feel it's important you don't take it as a requirement as a lover of the items - knowing how much your collection is valued at can be fantastic, but if you aren't a professional collector or investor and believe knowing the value could greatly reduce the enjoyment you get from them, it has to be questioned whether having this information - in some instances - will actually be worthwhile.

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