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What Should You Do When You Crack Or Chip A Royal Doulton Figurine?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 10:00AM
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The Anniversary figurine from Royal Doulton

A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog post all around the options open to you if you damage one of your Royal Doulton figurines.

As we mentioned in the post, generally speaking, what you can do all depends on how much damage has been caused - a chipped figurine is repairable, but one that's been smashed into hundreds of pieces is unlikely to be.

Today, we want to look at what it is you should actually do when you damage your figurine; as in what steps you need to immediately take after you've noticed a figurine has been damaged.

Look at what's happened

And the first point we'd say is that you need to assess the situation.  We know this might sound a little 'over the top' for some, but we're fully aware of just how much value Royal Doulton figurines can hold and so it's vital you don't do anything that could jeopardise their repair or damage them further.

You need to look at the area and determine what's happened before you move forward, as only once you know this will you be able to understand how best to respond.

For example, if a figurine has been knocked over and a limb has been cleanly snapped off (as in, there are just two parts - the figurine and the limb - and no smaller parts), it could just be a matter of picking the two pieces up.

If there are lots of smaller pieces, however, you need to take a much more careful approach, ensuring you collect each and every piece, no matter how small it may be, as this way you can be confident you've got the best chance of fully repairing the figurine.

Store the figurine safely

Once you've assessed the situation, understand what initial steps need to be taken and have picked up the figurine and any broken pieces, you need to truly put them out of harm's way - the last thing you want is to place your figurine on the table whilst you ensure no other items have been damaged, only for someone to come in, knock the table and cause further damage to the figurine.

Where you store the damaged figurines will obviously depend on your own individual property, but we'd advise you choose somewhere where there's a minimal chance of further damage occurring - this could even be on the floor of another room where the door can be locked.

Package the figurine up

After you've put the figurine safely out of harm's way and are certain no other items have been damaged, it's time to package the figurine up so it can be taken to a company for repair.

If you have a number of large pieces, we'd advise ideally wrapping these in bubble wrap separately.  Take care here to wrap them in a way that's going to ensure the repairer doesn't damage them when trying to open the packaging.

A great way to do this is to wrap the item up by laying it on the bubble wrap on one side of a table and slowly rolling it towards the other.  This way, all the repairer has to do is unravel the bubble wrap in the opposite direction.

For smaller pieces, your best option is going to be to use a small container (ideally a plastic one) and place the items directly into it.  If you can put something soft (bubble wrap, cotton wool, etc) on the base of the container, as well as on top of the pieces, this should be enough to ensure no further damage is caused in transit.

And from this point on, it's simply a matter of taking it to a repairer and letting them work their magic.

Damaging your Royal Doulton ladies - or in fact any product from the company - can seem like a nightmare situation, but the reality is if you take the right approach as soon as you realise the damage has been caused, it could very easily mean you have a figurine that soon looks as good as new.

You've Damaged One Of Your Royal Doulton Figurines - Now What Do You Do?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 02:00PM
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Royal Doulton's Fragrance miniature figurine

Whenever we're talking about looking after Royal Doulton figurines, we always make sure we highlight the importance of being careful in every sense.

It might sound like an obvious point, but we know that most people are careful in one respect, but not in others and when you aren't careful all round, you risk damage being caused to your figurine.

However, we can't prevent accidents from happening.  It doesn't matter how careful we are and how much we try to protect our figurines, there's always a chance they're going to get damaged or broken.

So when this happens, what should you do?

Ultimately, it depends on the extent of the damage caused as to which path you take, but each have their separate points to note.

For example, let's imagine you were taking a figurine out of a cabinet and chipped it on the corner of the shelf.  It's not a noticeable chip in the sense that it's immediately obvious, but you know it's there and the truth is it could be worse than it looks (it may have weakened the surrounding area, for example).

In these instances, it's highly likely that a quality China restorer would be able to repair the figurine to its original state, reconstructing the damaged area, matching the colour(s) and finishing with a suitable glaze, giving it the appearance it was never chipped.

If a figurine is damaged in a way that is obviously beyond repair (and we mean as in it has been smashed into hundreds of pieces and several have got lost, such as by falling down a drain), then generally speaking it's time to look for a replacement.

It's not what you're likely to want to hear and although China restorers really can work wonders on damaged figurines, there are some projects that are just impossible.

The good news is, if you have a home insurance policy with accidental contents cover, you're likely to be fully covered for any irreparable damage to your figurines.

And what's even better, at The Doulton Lady - as we've discussed previously - we offer a full insurance replacement service, ensuring you get a true and accurate valuation of your figurine.

Furthermore, we stock a huge range of discontinued figurines, meaning it's highly likely you'll be able to get a direct replacement of the one that was damaged - and if not, we'll do our utmost to source one for you.

As devastating as damaging a Royal Doulton figurine can be, it doesn't have to be the end of the world and you simply have to know what's possible depending on the extent of the damage caused to ensure you aren't missing a figurine from your collection for too long.

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