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What Is It You Should Expect When Shopping With The Doulton Lady?

Friday, February 15, 2013 at 10:00AM
Tags: Beswick, Coalport, customer expectations, customer service, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester
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The Imogen figurine from Coalport

Over the years we've developed a particularly loyal customer base.

Growing and expanding just as we have as a company, it's always pleasing to see new customers as much as it is returning ones - it makes us confident that we're definitely doing something right!

With customers coming back to us and new ones visiting for various reasons, they all have different expectations.

But what, in general, should you expect from us?

First and foremost - and the point we like new customers to understand before anything else - is that whatever collectible figurine you're looking for or whichever of our services you considering using, you'll always have it provided and delivered with only the highest standard of customer service.

We know that above all else, no matter which products we have available or how in demand they may be, if the general service we provide is poor, the product selection isn't going to matter a great deal.

However, as we do aim for only the highest level of customer service, it's time to talk about what you should expect in terms of the products!

Stocking a vast array of different new and retired figurines, as our name suggests, Royal Doulton is what we specialise in and we're proud of our range, but they're not the only brand we offer figurines from.

Doing our utmost to provide a wide variety of collectibles, we have figurines from Beswick, Coalport, Royal Crown Derby and Royal Worcester.

And what's more, if you can't find something you like or are looking for, you simply have to get in touch and we'll do our utmost to source it - we even offer a no-obligation search service, meaning you can find out if the collectible is available without having to commit to buying it.

What's also important to understand is that we don't just help our customers by providing them with the products they're looking for, but we can help when their figurines go missing or get damaged, too.

Offering a full insurance support service, from an in-depth valuation through to a complete replacement, we know that accidents happen sometimes and that you want the whole scenario resolving as quickly as possible, which is why we ensure we're delivering only the most effective and efficient service at all times.

We love being in this industry.  Huge admirers of all of the figurines we offer, we get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing that we're providing products and services that are truly pleasing our customers.

Striving to continually meet expectations, we only want to deliver the highest standard of customer service possible and if you have any questions about anything we offer - Royal Doulton or otherwise - you simply have to get in touch.

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