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Royal Doulton Figurines: An Enduringly Popular British Product

Friday, January 24, 2014 at 10:00AM
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In the world of British design, few names are as well-respected and valued as Doulton. And one of the things that makes the brand somewhat exceptional is that the figurines, which are no longer being produced, have remained highly sought after ever since their introduction.

Royal Doulton as a brand goes back nearly two hundred years - in fact, the bicentennial will be next year - and that period of time has seen major upheavals in virtually every aspect of British life.

The world of today would be unrecognisable to an observer from the early 19th century. With so many distractions and forms of entertainment, people in this day and age don't tend to place as much value on ornaments as perhaps they used to, and yet Royal Doulton figurines remain very popular.

With the rise of e-commerce and online communities, the number of figurines being sold and bought by enthusiasts remains high, but there must be a reason for this beyond the ease of finding like-minded individuals who can help build a person's own collection.

Everyone has their own reason for collecting, as we discussed in our last post - but we reckon there are reasons why the Royal Doulton brand of figurines has remained so popular throughout its lifetime, into more modern times, and why we can expect it to remain so sought after for some years to come.

When you own a Royal Doulton figurine, you hold in your hand a classic piece of British design; really a potent reminder of a time gone by.

It's not just that the dolls from collections such as Ladies or Characters look nice, though they certainly do that as well. It's that they evoke a time period about which we feel nostalgic, even if we haven't actually experienced that period first hand.

Like many examples of classic English or British products - vintage cars from this country being other examples - the design and craftsmanship are second to none.

Plus, these commodities continue to appreciate in value. There might be a relatively minor number of collectors who indulge their hobby purely for the future financial reward, but of course it is always reassuring to know they will make a nice nest egg.

So there you have it - a hobby that not only reflects the great heritage of this country and its industry, but is valued internationally as well. It's no wonder these figurines have endured.

Do Royal Doulton Figurines Make For A Good Investment?

Friday, May 3, 2013 at 02:00PM
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A number of different papers about investing

Whenever we buy any type of collectable item, no matter how much we like it and want to own it for this reason, for many people, there's always going to be a part of them that's considering the investment side of things.

Just by watching TV programmes such as The Antiques Roadshow, we know that collectable items can rise in value considerably the more time passes.  Of course, it does depend on the item in question, but many items you'd expect to be worth a high sum of money so often are (and some you don't also are!).

A lot of it comes down to the manufacturer of the item in question, as the more popular an item is, the more it's in demand and therefore the more money it's potentially going to be worth.  In this sense, it can therefore be a good move to invest in certain collectables.

But are Royal Doulton figurines a perfect example or should they simply be collected out of the love and adoration for them?

In most instances, the answer is actually yes, figurines produced from Royal Doulton can make for a great investment.  However, you do have to consider certain points to ensure you're buying them for all of the right reasons.

For example, if you buy a Royal Doulton figurine today, most people would say that if you came to sell it at any point in the future, you're going to at least make your money back.

Whether it cost you £10 or £1,000, it's highly unlikely to see it depreciate in value considerably over the coming years.

What's more, over time, it's likely to only increase in value.  Perhaps not substantially or in a way that means you could sell it and retire, but at least so you'll see a return on your initial investment.

And it's this point about 'over time' that you need to keep in mind when looking at Royal Doulton figurines as an investment opportunity, as although you will almost always see a return at some point, it could be many, many years down the line.

Therefore, buy a figurine for an investment on a short term basis and you might recoup your initial spend.  However, buy a figurine for an investment to be handed down to your children, for example and there's every chance it will sell for considerably more than you purchased it for.

Of course, this is only looking at the topic on a very broad basis and there are some figurines out there that are almost guaranteed to make for fantastic investments, but the simple fact is, we'd always recommend you buy a Royal Doulton figurine because you love it - if you do decide to sell it and you make a profit, then fantastic, but it won't be a disappointment if you don't.

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