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7 Interesting Facts About Royal Doulton

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 10:00AM
Tags: calcined bone ash, china clay, cornish stone, Harry Nixon, HN, product sales, Royal Doulton, sewage pipes
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Royal Doulton Abdullah Figurine

With such an extensive and intriguing history, it's no real surprise that there's a huge number of interesting facts about Royal Doulton.

Of course, everyone's idea of 'interesting' will obviously vary (!!), but to us, the history of Royal Doulton is one of the most fascinating of not only any of the English Potteries, but of any English company.

Therefore, looking at a number of widely-interesting facts about Royal Doulton, the following seven are some of the most notable.

1.  Although Royal Doulton figurines look relatively fragile, they're actually quite strong in their build, something that's due to them so often being made from not just one material, but a combination of three - cornish stone, china clay and calcined bone ash.

2.  During the 1840s, the company saw considerable success and was said to have made a small fortune by manufacturing and supplying products that are vastly different to those which they're known for today - sewage pipes.

3.  A tiny number was printed next to the Royal Doulton stamp on all products made between 1928 and 1954 - add this number to 1927 and you'll get the year it was manufactured in.

4.  If you've ever wondered what the 'HN' stands for on the serial number, it's the initial of one of the figurines' painters, Harry Nixon, which started to be used as part of the labelling system way back in 1913.

5.  Whilst this isn't a definitive rule of thumb, generally speaking, if you're looking for the most collectable Royal Doulton pieces, those that are signed by an artist, were of a particularly limited run or are pre-1939 are usually the ones that secure the most interest.

6.  Of all Royal Doulton product sales, 50% come from the UK and 30% from America, leaving just 20% spread out amongst the rest of the world.

7.  Although some products from Royal Doulton are made in small runs, it is usually possible to find most items if you look long and hard enough.  However, always aiming to please their customers, the company are known for creating bespoke pieces if you're searching for something completely unique.

Royal Doulton are one of those companies that have an absolutely fascinating history.  Spanning nearly two centuries in one form or another, it's no wonder that there's such a lot of interesting information to discuss.

We're always happy to speak to our customers about all things Royal Doulton related at The Doulton Lady and these seven facts are just a small number of those that we - and so many others - find particularly interesting about this wonderful company.

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